Plangarden is the merging of a farm boy from rural South Dakota and a high-tech internet programmer who believes in delivering software via the Web. Roy Stahl grew up on a small farm and ranch in South Dakota, lived on fresh vegetables in the summer, and canned goods in the winter. Later on in life, high tech and internet technologies were his calling.

The two worlds collided when this rural-turned urban-turned back to rural gardener (with a thing for many garlic varieties) became interested in better planning and tracking of his vegetable garden as the garden and aspirations grew each year. Back in 2005, Roy was hunting around the Web to look for a garden planning software tool specifically for veggie gardeners.  When he didn’t find one, he created and launched a year later the very first Software as a Service program, Plangarden, that users could easily access online.

Image of Roy and son planting seeds in their garden.
Roy planting seeds with his son in the early days of Plangarden

Roy wanted to share Plangarden with the world so people could plan vegetable gardens and share information about each year’s harvest.

As of this writing (early spring 2021), Roy is re-engineering “post-Flash” Plangarden to perform even better with more functionalities than the previous version on all mobile and desktop devices. Thank you so much for your patience while we give the much-improved Plangarden a facelift and brand new engine!

We appreciate all our subscribers for their support over the last 15 years! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.